• North Adams State Bank of Ursa began organization in 1979 and opened for business on November 10, 1980. The founding Board of Directors were: George J. Lewis, John R. Longlett, James P. Steinman, Russell Shriver, Norman McAllister, Maurice Conover and Gene Seybold.
  • In 1984, Paul A. Pogue was named President and elected to the Board of Directors.
  • In 1985, North Adams Bancshares, Inc., a bank holding company was formed and hence North Adams State Bank of Ursa became a subsidiary of North Adams Bancshares, Inc.
  • In 2000, North Adams State Bank opened a branch office in Camp Point, launched the bank’s website and began online banking.
  • 2014, North Adams State Bank opened North Adams Investment Services.  Thru North Adams Investment Services the bank is able to offer investments such as mutual funds, stocks and bonds and life insurance.
  • 2016, Jeff R. Longlett was named President and elected to the Board of Directors
  • The current board of directors is: John R. Longlett, Chairman, L. Scott Lewis, Wendell A. Wray, Benjamin A. Hamilton, Paul A. Pogue and Jeff R. Longlett.
  • North Adams State Bank’s management team is Jeff R. Longlett, President and Chief Executive Officer; Lisa J. Seals, Senior Vice President, Cashier and EDP Officer; Benjamin Drebes Vice President of Lending; Brenda Miller, Vice President of Operations; Kayelynn Tournear,  Asst. Cashier; Dustin D. Dickhut, Loan Officer; and Paul D Bealor, Loan Officer/Business Development.