Certificates of Deposit ( Rates)

Offering an array of Certificates of Deposit with maturity terms that are sure to meet your financial planning needs, all at competitive interest rates and insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 

Individual Retirement Accounts and Roth IRA's

Any of our Certificates of Deposit, Savings accounts or Money Market accounts may be used to fund your IRA and/or Roth IRA.  Open one today and let the power of compounding work for your retirement planning!

Advantage Checking

$100.00 to open account

No minimum balance requirement

FREE personalized checks (three orders per year)

Various other valuable services provided to 

Advantage Checking account holders at no 


All for only $6.00 per month


Advantage Checking Plus


All the services and valuable benefits of 

Advantage Checking PLUS................

24 Hour Internet Banking

-View your account balance and transactions

-Transfer money between accounts

-Pay bills electronically

-Re-order checks

-Download your account information directly into

Quicken, Money or other compatible financial program.

Only $10.00 per month

Free Regular Checking Account

FREE Checking to students.
FREE Checking to senior citizens age 62 and up.
Balance to open - $100.00
No minimum balance requirements.
Check Images are returned in each monthly statement.

Regular Checking Account

Balance to open - $100.00
Minimum balance to avoid imposition of fees - If the average daily balance falls below $300.00 a $6.00 fee will be imposed for that cycle.
If the average daily balance is at least $300.00 but less than $500.00 a fee of $4.00 will be imposed for that cycle.
A fee of $.10 will be charged for each check or withdrawal transaction in excess of fifty (50) during the statement cycle.

Free Basic Checking Account

Balance to open - $100.00
No minimum balance required 

Unlimited checks/debits per month

No service charge imposed
Check Images are NOT returned with statement.

NOW Account

Personal accounts eligible only.
Minimum balance requirement of $1500.00 to earn interest. $6.00 monthly fee charged if the balance falls below $1500.00.
Interest is paid monthly.
A fee of $.10 will be charged for each check or withdrawal transaction in excess of fifty (50) during the statement cycle.
Interest rate and annual percentage yield subject to change at any time at our discretion.

Regular Savings Account

Balance to open - $100.00
Interest will be compounded every quarter and will be credited to your account every quarter.
A savings service fee of $3.00 will be imposed every quarter if the average daily balance for the cycle falls below $100.00. A savings withdrawal fee of $.50 will be charged for each debit transaction in excess of nine per quarter. This fee does not apply to minors and not-for-profit organizations.
Transfers from a regular savings account to another account of third parties by preauthorized, automatic or telephone  transfers are limited to nine per quarter (no more than six per month with no more than three transfers to third parties.

Money Market Plus Account ( Rates )

Balance to open - $2500.00
No monthly charge when balance is $2500.00 or more. If balance falls below $2500.00 during the statement period there will be a fee of $10.00.
The interest paid on Money Market Plus is subject to change at our discretion.
The rate of interest paid on your Money Market Plus is determined by the balance in your account as follows:

$2500.00 - $24,999.99

$25,000.00 - $49,999.99

$50,000.00 - $99,999.99

$100,000.00 & above

Interest begins to accrue on the business day the deposit is made.
Unlimited in-person withdrawals/transfers.
Preauthorized withdrawals/transfers (including telephone transfers) are limited to six during each statement period with no more than three by check.
Insured by FDIC.

FDIC Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE)

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